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An ambitious start up company providing a complete turnkey software solution for the autonomous DJI drone flight planning business.

With decades of experience in the manned and UAV aerial survey industry, the Tap2Map team is not a novice in the Geospatial world of surveying, mapping,  photogrammetry, remote sensing, aerial inspections, 3D modelling and GIS.

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The Story of Tap2Map

Back in 2015 we saw the exponentially increased use of UAV/Drones of different shapes and sizes in the Geospatial world. Like many other small survey companies we introduced drone based services within our established terrestrial survey business, mainly using affordable DJI Drones such as the Phantom, Inspire or later Matrice, Phantom 4 Pro and Mavic. We soon realized that while DJI hardware technology is very advanced and reliable, the software solutions available for  3D flight planning were lagging behind.

Existing flight planning software solutions were both inaccurate and difficult to use or specific to very expensive drones, clearly not something that small to medium size drone service providers could use for their day-to-day business.

Like many other colleagues using DJI drones for survey purposes, for the next two years we continued the struggle in our quest to find an affordable, easy to use and complete professional 3D flight planner that would reduce survey time in the field and boost our productivity.

In 2017 we gave up on searching or hoping for the arrival of this elusive professional 3D flight planner for DJI drones and decided to create our own, an easy to use, affordable and professional 3D flight planner.

This is when the idea of Tap2Map started to take shape and by the end of 2017 our beta version was already extensively used by our business and a few partners. Our focus was and remains to make sure that the quality and integrity of the data collected with Tap2Map is of the utmost quality to allow a smooth transition into further processing steps and towards creating the best possible final product.

We are now very proud and excited to be able to share Tap2Map with all DJI drone users across the globe. 

Tap2Map - the complete 3D flight planner for DJI drones will help you streamline your processes, automatize and grow your aerial survey enterprise hassle free.


Acquire high quality input data at low cost

Tap2Map 3D flight planner for DJI drones is a one-stop, easy to use professional flight planning app created to support and enhance your daily aerial survey businesses.

Our mission is enabling every surveyor or UAV aerial business  to precisely acquire high quality input data and use the collected images in any of the third party software that can be found on the market. 


Our image counting system will assure the completeness and integrity of your data.


Join Us

We truly hope that our problem solving approach will appeal to you and we want to thank you for deciding to give us a go and to see for yourself. This app was built relying on user feedback and we will carry on in doing so.


Tap2Map - 3D Flight Planner for DJI drones

For a FREE TRIAL including all 5 flight missions try Tap2Map Professional iOS based 3D flight planning app for DJI drones.


Visit our product and pricing page for more details.

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