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Our turnkey 3D flight planner for DJI drones is designed to be easy to use, intuitive and flexible.

We will describe in four easy steps how to set you up and make you aerial survey ready.

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The Steps

1. Visit your Apple Store and download Tap2Map professional 3D flight planner for DJI drones and choose the free, monthly or yearly subscription. Every subscription plan will include all product features so there are no hidden costs. Install our app on your iOS device.


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2. Create your automated Tap2Map 3D flight plan either in the office or in the field with only a few taps. Are you a novice in this field? Not a problem just use our default flight settings and we will make sure your data will be acquired in the most optimal way!

Are you an experienced fight planner? Use the custom settings to set up your drone and sensors according to your project needs!

3. Connect your drone, create your project and start flying. Project management features will help you manage your new, existing or recurrent projects. Our automated algorithms will take care of the flying and integrity of your data making sure that You will never leave a picture behind!

4. Download your data and Flight Report. Our comprehensive Flight Report will help you further automatize and integrate your workflow with different Imagery/Lidar processing software packages.

For further information please download our Start Guide and visit Q/A section, Tutorials or Contact Us!


Tap2Map - 3D Flight Planner for DJI drones

For a FREE TRIAL including all 6 flight missions try Tap2Map Professional iOS based 3D flight planning app for DJI drones.


Visit our product and pricing page for more details.

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