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Tap2Map the most advanced professional iOS based 3D flight planning app for DJI UAVs.

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Tap2Map - 3D Flight Planner for DJI UAVs

Using our own well established and advanced algorithms combined with decades of aerial survey expertise we have created the most advanced 3D flight planning application for DJI drones, 

Tap2Map - 3D flight planner for DJI UAVs.

With tremendous experience in the manned aerial survey business, the team behind Tap2Map understands the importance of an accurate, reliable and easy to use 3D flight planner. Every professional surveyor agrees that the finished product may it be a map, 3D model, Road or Railway vectors, will only be as good as your input data.

Tap2Map - 3D flight planner for DJI UAVs provides the most efficient, accurate and reliable automated method to collect your aerial survey input data.

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Using Tap2Map 3D flight planner you can create, with a few taps, your automated 3D flight plan.

Specially designed features of our app combined with the robustness of the IOS hardware will improve your data acquisition, data management process.


At the same time the app will increase the productivity of your aerial survey business and minimize the time spent in the field.

5 different flight mission types

Our comprehensive Tap2Map 3D flight planner for DJI UAVs app comes with 5 different flight mission types. Each flight mission is designed to be intuitive, accurate and reliable giving you the flexibility that you need even for the most challenging areas or features that are planned to be surveyed.


Our comprehensive Tap2Map 3D flight planner for DJI UAVs app also comes with 3 extra features. Each feature will  help you to optimize the flight efficiency and keep your flight parameters at their best, for a reliable image collection quality.


The Tap2Map app provides full project management capabilities to support each mission type. Manage your projects in the most optimal way either by starting a new project, continuing an unfinished project or repeating a recurrent survey. 


A post flight report will be automatically generated, containing everything you need for an easy transfer to the next geo-data processing software.

Try Tap2Map the most complete 3D flight planner for DJI drones and you will never leave a picture behind!


Tap2Map - 3D Flight Planner for DJI drones

For a FREE TRIAL including all 5 flight missions try Tap2Map Professional iOS based 3D flight planning app for DJI UAVs.


Visit our product and pricing page for more details.

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