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What does this new Tap2Map application bring among this large world of survey apps?

Tap2Map is for sure the best and the most succesful solution for Flight planning in order to acquire aerial imagery from DJI drones with the best optimized time of flight. The main adds are offered with the terrain following and the divide area options, and the various type of mission it offers.

What kind of devices are supported by Tap2Map?

Tap2Map exclusively works with iOS devices (Apple) which has a better experience and seems to gave a better stability than Android

How to set up Tap2Map for the first time?

Once you have paid and uploaded Tap2Map Application, the setup is very simple, just follow the instructions. Once in the App., you’ll then see how easy and intuitive to use.

You’ll also find a start guide on our "how does it work" page.

Does Tap2Map work in any place in the world?

Yes. Tap2Map app will work anywhere (as far as your drone has a GNSS signal)… we must admit that we didn’t test it on Nggamea island (Fidji) where the date change line is :)

How does it all work?

Tap2Map connects your drone to the Flightplan that you directly draw in the iOS application and where you set your flight parameters, then it run the safety checks, and start the mission to collect a massive amounts of image data.

I don't have a great experience with drones, can I fly with you application for mapping?

It’s up to you to take your responsibilities, but be sure that Tap2Map can be used by anyone who knows how to use an iOS device either a smart phone or a tablet, and who, according to the country it is used, has all the necessaries qualifications/authorisations to fly a drone in a commercial way.


You have technical questions, We have solutions!

I have to work in hilly areas, does Tap2Map have a solution for this?

Yes, Tap2Map is among the few Applications on the market to offer a TERRAIN FOLLOWING option at the moment. This is, on a photogrammetric point of view, the most important option to keep the block images overlappings and thus will allow a better "bundle block adjustement", then a better final product accuracy.

Can Tap2Map be used in countries where there is no stable internet access, or in remote areas without 3G signal?

Once installed, the application itself do not really need any internet connexion to work, it's understood that you need to have an internet connexion at least to draw your AOI on an updated map. Then on the field, you can fly your project without internet as far as your get GNSS sufficient number of satellites.

Is it possible with Tap2Map to fly a multi-batteries project in order to map an area larger than a single battery endurance?

Yes, it’s not a issue for our Tap2Map application. As soon as you use our ”divide area” option, which is based on your battery endurance, the drone will come back to the departure point for you to you change the battery for a new one and restart.

In any case when you interrupt a flight, the application will keep the mission progress and restart the next flight at the place it was stopped.

Is it possible to run DJI-Go application in background and start Tap2Map at the same time on my IOS device?

We would not recommend to do this. As far as we know it’s not possible for the moment to run 2 applications at the same time on an iOS device, it might be quite annoying for you, but that’s the only way for us to be able to waranty the good functionalities of our Tap2Map application.

If I want to take control of my drone during the automated flight, is it possible?

Yes. Tap2Map offers a fonctionnality that allows you to ”pause” the mission and hoover, or land in place, or return to take off point, but you can do this manually.

Is it possible with Tap2Map to control the drone camera angle?

The camera angle is usualy preset in Tap2Map according to the mission type that you choose, but you always can change the angle in the flight screen to any angle by step of 5º… Except for the ”double grid” mission where you’ll have the choose among the 3 preset camera tilt angles.

Regarding the light conditions, what camera settings do you recommend?

This is not a Tap2Map depending question. But we did set the tuning of the camera to ”automatic exposure”. In any case, our application offers you the possibility to access to manual settings.

We cannot recommend a specific setting for photogrammetry, but from our experience if you find a manual test exposure that fits with your needs, keep the same setting for the whole flight, as a mission is generally for a short duration.

What do you recommend as forward and lateral overlaps?

We do not recommend specific overlaps. Your tecnical choices for this, and the third party software that you intend to use after, is relying on your own knowledge. But we have an opinion about this topic: due to the fact that many drone lenses have a kind of wide FOV, we recommend to stay on the safe side with quite large overlaps (like 70% / 70% as a minimum). But be aware that the overlaps will not be constant due to the terrain variation in elevation … Our interesting feature of Terrain Following option will at least allow to mitigate (or nearly eliminate) the risk to have too weak or small overlaps due to the terrain variations.

Can I create a 3D product with Tap2Map?

No, Tap2Map is a Flight planning software, it will allow you to collect proper survey grade standard data in order to create 3D maps through a third party processing software.

Which cameras/sensors does Tap2Map work with?

Tap2Map is adapted to all built in DJI’s sensors types that are offered. We also added the possibility in our development that our customers can configure and use their own sensor that will be mounted on their DJI drones.

Note: In that case, we do not manage the triggering communication between the drone and the owned camera, make sure that it works.

Does Tap2Map work with different drones brand?

Tap2Map only works with DJI drones.

What type of SD Card is recommended?

Please only use high-speed SD Card. Do not take the risk to jeopardize your porject to save few money.